What is Distance Healing?

Distance healing spans time and space making it possible for healing energy to be channeled to you regardless of where you are. You can be lying on your couch at home while your energy healing practitioner is on a private beach with waves gently rolling onto the warm sand – focusing with intention and purpose on channeling that energy to you.  At least that’s where I picture myself doing the session.  A girl can dream.

Distance healing may seem like an odd concept to many.  I mean… how can healing happen when you’re not laying on a table under the physical hands of a healing practitioner?  For some, the concept of energy healing in general is a huge step outside of their comfort zone never mind the idea that healing of this nature can be done on anyone, anywhere. The beauty of distance healing is that you do not have to be physically present.

When we use a healing modality such as Reiki or Integrated Energy Therapy, we are working with the individual’s energy body. Our hands may be on the body itself during the treatment, however, the healing energy we are channelling is working on the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of the individual. The entire energy body can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Other modalities such as Unity Field Healing work on an even deeper level, targeting the quantum field of energy in our DNA systems. Past life and karmic experiences can be healed which in turn evolve and heal us today.

I heard an interesting statement from another energy-worker who stated that our souls are not in our bodies – our bodies are in our souls.  I thought that was a fascinating way to put it.  We all see our physical selves when we look in the mirror.  But that body is temporary and fleeting, and only a minute portion of who we truly are. We are energy, frequency and vibration and extend way beyond what you see in your bathroom mirror.  Even your thoughts, feelings, and the words you speak are fueled by electrical impulses.

To understand this concept, we turn to quantum physics. The theory of quantum entanglement was proven in the late 90’s by scientists in Switzerland.  Think back to your science class days and remember that our universe is made of photons of light. These Swiss scientists divided a single photon of light into two photons.  What they discovered was that these “twins” acted and behaved as if they were still one and had never been separated.  If our universe was created out of these very same photons, then nothing ever became separated. Everything we are made of, and for that matter, everything else on the planet is ultimately part of the same whole.

Most of us believe that we are separated by distance, and that time moves in only one direction – forward.  In reality – we exist in a universe where time is fluid both backwards and forwards. Your future can affect your past, as much as your past can affect your future. When you think of it this way, the past and future become only concepts.  They are both happening right now, in the present moment.

When we realize that time and space are just concepts, we can understand that healing energy doesn’t “travel” to the recipient. It is instantly there.  Healing energy is sent by intention.  From the recipient’s perspective, it is received through intention. The term “transmission” may be a better word to use as it is the result is instantaneous.

The most effective level of energy healing happens when the practitioner enters the theta brainwave state.  This is the state of mind that creates the opportunity for us to step outside of the limitations of perceived time and space.  It is a meditative space that transcends these concepts we have identified with for so long.  Keep in mind that every one of you enters this state every day.  This is not something only a select few energy healers can do.  You can too.  Beware the healer who self-proclaims themselves to be the most powerful healer of our generation, or uniquely gifted this way.  We all have this ability.  Believe it and you can open yourself up to phenomenal healing opportunities.

While in the theta state, we have access to all information.  From this state we can source the past, present and future as it is all occurring at the same time. We can instantly transmit energy to traumas and events to shift perceptions and affect healing.  I know… It sounds like the stuff supernatural movies are made of.  But I promise that you are far more powerful than you can even imagine.

As a channeler of healing energy, I can tell you that my experiences conducting distance healing sessions are quite different from my in-person treatments.  I love each and every session regardless of whether the client is with me or not, however, there is a difference in the experience itself.  When I am distance healing, I set an intention that energy continue to flow throughout the session even while I pause to take notes as visions, concepts and other experiences come up.  This enables me to provide a detailed written report once the session is done.  Recipients of distance healing can actually feel an energetic shift when the session starts and when it ends.  I have had clients contact me the moment it’s done to say they felt it end.  How fascinating is that?

Whether you are on a practitioner’s table, or laying on your couch, the level of effectiveness only depends on how open and willing you are to receive the healing energy.  Intention and being open to possibilities are the key ingredients to successful healing.

A discussion on energy work of this nature is never complete without referencing proper ethical behaviour.  This work is to be used for the good and betterment of our family, friends and acquaintances.  It is not to be used to cause anyone harm.  It is also imperative that you receive permission to work in someone else’s energy field.  Just like you don’t walk into someone else’s home uninvited and start changing things, you don’t “step into” their energy without permission.  I start all sessions with a prayer and a silent request to do the healing work.