Unity Field Healing

Unity Field Healing (UHF) is a newer energy-based healing method that works specifically at the quantum level of your DNA.  This method is both powerful and peaceful at the same time.  Before going into detail about what happens during each session, a little bit of history should help explain things…

The founder of this healing method, Dr. John Ryan,  was shown the quantum nature of human DNA through a series of visionary meditations over the span of several years.  With each vision, he was given another piece of the puzzle that explained the nature of our human spiritual energy system. In that span of time, he was introduced to a light template now known as the Unity Field Healing Template. The UFH template represents a quantum or inter-dimensional light pattern.  It works in a restorative way within the human quantum DNA field to help re-calibrate our human energy systems with our original “blueprint” of energy.  In essence, the template resets our energy to clear patterns that have arisen that may lead to imbalance, disease states, etc.

Unity Field Healing Template

We are not yet able to view quantum energy in the 3D world.  We are, however, able to feel and sense this energy. Your quantum DNA can be thought of as a field of information that is intimately connected to your physical DNA.  As a field of information, it is the “invisible” part of your DNA system.   This field contains information about all elements of your life including karma, life lessons, life plan, past lives, our connection to our higher self/selves and our connection with others, the planet and the universe.  It is an energetic bridge between “you” and your deeper spiritual nature.

The purpose of UFH is to catalyze an awakening or an empowerment of this connection to your spiritual nature. It provides a re-calibration with the deeper healing potential that originates in your own innate divinity or spiritual design.  Although many “healers” claim that they have the special gift to heal others, we now know that we heal ourselves.  As a practitioner of this technique, and other healing modalities, I don’t hold this healing energy within myself.  I hold space as a channel for this energy.   Any one of us can learn these techniques and start using them.  Your ability to help someone heal themselves is just as powerful as any one else.  How exciting is that?

UFH healing happens in three sessions.  It is recommended that you give yourself a week or two between sessions.  This is not necessary, but is beneficial as it helps you to adjust to the energies that are introduced and activated during each treatment.

Session 1 –  Self-Attunement

The first session works to bridge and strengthen the alignment between your quantum DNA and your spiritual DNA blueprint.  This self-attunement only needs to happen once.  This re-alignment will resonate with you long after the session is complete.

Session 2 – Unity Field Healing Template Attunement

The second session provides a personal attunement to the UFH Template. This is a deeply restorative energy session. Similar to session one, this only needs to be done once.  The work done here will stay with you and provide the foundation to move onto session three.

Session 3 – Unity Field Healing – Targeted Intentional Support

Once you have completed the first two sessions, you can enjoy the third session as many times as you like.  The purpose of session 3 is to use the gift of Unity Field Healing to address specific issues that exist or arise in your personal life that need or would benefit from healing attention.

These intentions may include physical, emotional, psychological or relationship issues.  These sessions also benefit those who are on a path of finding deeper personal healing and transformation at a spiritual level.

The energetic response in this session is unique and tailored to whatever your specific personal intention may be. In doing so, it provides an energy process that may be used to address highly specific and personal issues that are unique to each person.

For further information, visit Dr. John Ryan’s website at www.unityfieldhealing.com.