Tarot of Oneness

The Tarot of Oneness is an 84-card tarot deck that enables you to connect with your divine guidance and embrace Oneness. We are all channeling the energy of the fool when we step into a new adventure with innocence and excitement. We all experience death and rebirth, justice, judgement and the lure of unhealthy vices. We all need to be reminded to see things from a new perspective and that the ending of one thing is the beginning of another.

Each card is illustrated from a first-person perspective. Sometimes, you are stepping in as a human being having a human experience. Other cards give you the opportunity to channel the energy of pure animal instinct. Just as the monarch butterfly cycles through its lifetime, soaring to new adventures when instinctively guided, you also experience these cycles. By immersing yourself in the energy of each card, you will connect to the guidance they offer while being reminded that we are all one.

Ace of Pentacles, Embodiment of Wands and Higher Self Cards from the Tarot of Oneness

Use these cards as you would any other tarot deck. Pull a daily card, do readings for yourself, use them to complement journalling, do readings for others… whatever you can dream up.

Nine of Cups, Death/Rebirth and Synchronicity cards from the Tarot of Oneness

Each deck includes 78 tarot cards based on the RWS system plus an additional six bonus cards. A full-colour guidebook is also included to help you understand the meanings of the cards and the symbols presented throughout the deck.

Temperance, Spirit of Cups and Present Moment cards from the Tarot of Oneness

The cards are printed on 350 gsm art paper with matte UV coating and matte peach-coloured edges. They are standard tarot size at 70 x 120 mm. The cards and a 192 page, full colour guidebook come inside a magnetic flap box with spot varnish accents.

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