About Me

My interest in energy and healing began several years ago when I was drawn to Reiki for reasons I couldn’t explain. I read a blurb about the treatment and was intrigued. I mentioned what I had read to my massage therapist at the time and was surprised to hear that she was a Reiki Master and would be happy to teach me how to do it. I signed up for her Level I course and found myself guided to learn a treatment I had yet to experience.

There were only two of us taking the course. I sat quietly while the history and details of the treatment were explained. When we had a good understanding of the basics, our instructor announced that it was time for our attunement. I wondered what that was. I sat quietly as she performed this ritual. I had no idea what she was doing, but felt mesmerized by the beautiful greens that I was seeing through my mind’s eye. She was opening the energetic channels that would give me the ability to channel healing energy.

I didn’t take my Level II course until a few years later. I had a lot on my plate including a big move from the city to the country, hours away from my family and everything I knew. I continued my career as a freelance graphic artist while raising my two young children in a rural community. It took another few years before completing my Reiki Level III course and learning the art of Indian Head Massage.

Each time I was attuned to healing energies, I found myself becoming more aware of my intuition. I was intrigued and started to read any book I could lay my hands on. Topics ranged from chakras, auras, angelic healing, crystal healing, to trusting your intuition and raising your family to trust theirs. I read about soul directions and destiny, spirit guides, animal guides and how our bodies had a natural ability to heal. I learned that thought is energy and that if I could direct my thoughts and emotions in a positive direction, I could and would accomplish anything. Through reading and personal experience, I realized that my body would become physically ill when I neglected to process the traumas and stress in my life. I listened to CDs, watched documentaries and movies and bit by bit, have been piecing the puzzle that is life together.

Over the past several years, I have become an Integrated Energy Therapy and Access Bars practitioner and have also become a Reiki Master. I feel privileged to have learned and become attuned to all of these healing energies.

Newest on the list is Unity Field Healing.  This amazing technique was the next logical step for me.  It focuses on integrating and re-calibrating our quantum DNA to enable healing and transformation.  Taking this course and becoming a practitioner was a beautiful experience.  The energy that is channeled is truly incredible.

I can’t wait to see and experience what the future will bring. Please visit the other pages on my website to learn about various energy healing treatments and how they can help you.